Update: This is now closed.

I’m looking for a postdoc to work with me on systems modelling as part of the IRIS project, which is focused on the concept of interfaces in a variety of contexts.

This part of the IRIS project is about developing and understanding of the role of interfaces in models of real-world systems. A compositional approach to modelling — where models of smaller parts of the system can be composed together to create a model of the larger system — is desirable. It can help simplify the process of modelling complex socio-technical systems, enable model substitution, and support local reasoning about properties of models.

This position is about both the theory and implementation of these ideas: finding a good formal representation of interfaces, composition, and substitution in the context of distributed systems models, implementing these in an existing modelling framework, and then applying these new developments to model the real-world systems of the project’s indstrial partners.

Applicants must hold, or be about to receive, a PhD in rigorous computer science, or a closely related area. The post holder will demonstrate the following criteria:

  • actively contribute to both the theory and implementation of interfaces and composition in a distributed systems modelling context, as well as the construction of models

  • possess a solid grounding and understanding of process algebras and modal logics coupled with a strong programming background, including experience with or the ability to learn the Julia language

  • demonstrable experience or ability to work with industrial partners (from HP labs and BT) and academic partners from UCL and other institutions as part of the project is essential.

In addition the knowledge of or interest in learning about computer security, networks, and information systems management will be essential to succeeding in this post.

The position will involve working with me and Prof. David Pym at UCL, as well as with other IRIS project collaborators at LSE, Imperial, QMUL, and industrial partners HP Labs and BT.

Details about the position and how to apply are here. Job description is here.

Closing date for applications is April 18th, 2021.

More details about the IRIS project are available here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!